Squat Wolf Power Band – Medium

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Resistance Level: 16-39kg / Medium

SQUATWOLF’s Power Bands can help fuel your workouts to an intense and effective burn to build muscle. This multi-purpose power band allows you to do a wide array of workouts focusing on various muscle groups. These closed-loop resistance bands live up to the toughest of movements without losing their elasticity or resistance properties.

The sleek design makes it easy to carry, your workouts can be done anywhere with limited space and no equipment needed. Made from high quality latex, SQUATWOLF’s Power Bands are durable and long lasting.

The Optimal Workout Tool

Multiple resistance levels

SQUATWOLF Resistance Bands come in a pack of 3 with three different resistance levels.

Grey: 9-18kg resistance, Blue: 18-27kg resistance, Black: 27-36kg resistance

Workout anywhere 

The SQUATWOLF Mini Resistance Bands can be used in limited areas and the movements do not require much space. They are portable, lightweight and require minimal storage space so you can workout anywhere.

Varying intensity 

The SQUATWOLF Resistance Bands come with three different resistance levels. Each muscle group requires a different intensity, therefore, these bands can be used in combination or individually to create the optimal resistance you need for a perfect workout.

Built to outlast 

Engineered with the right blend of durable latex and fabric, these resistance bands are built to outlast and outperform. They retain their elasticity and resistance even after numerous uses so you always get an effective burn.

Workout your whole body 

From working out your legs, glutes, biceps to shoulders; the SQUATWOLF Resistance Bands make it easy to workout individual muscle groups to your whole body.

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