Squat Wolf 2 Pack - Graphene Enhanced Virus & Bacteria Resistant Mask

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The Graphene Enhanced Virus & Bacteria Resistant Mask is a technical face mask that is treated with graphene and other carbon nano-material.

This mask has 2 fabric layers with two layers of Graphene coating which provides anti-dust, anti-static, antibacterial and virus resistant properties to help you breathe easy and safe for the long run. The reusable mask is washable and retains its anti-microbial properties even after numerous washes.

The long lasting graphene coating is effective against PM2.5 airborne nano-particles and makes sure the surface stays bacteria and virus resistant. The graphene coating has been verified by the Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) & SGS Taiwan to be bacteria and virus resistant.

Now you can breathe easily with the utmost comfort as the Graphene Enhanced Mask is water repellent and spreads heat evenly across the mask.

Mask comes in 1 size. Mask has in-built PM2.5 protection, no need to buy filters separately.

Each pack includes 2 masks of the same size, so you have a fresh mask available while you wash the used one.


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What is Graphene and how do we treat this mask?

The outer layer of mask is made of Interlock Polyester treated with two layers of graphene conductive ink coating. It adds following properties to mask;

  • Anti-bacterial as electrostatic properties of graphene disintegrate bacteria cells and kills them.
  • Anti-static & dust repellent
  • PM2.5 particles protection. No need to buy PM2.5 filters separately.
  • Virus resistant
  • The inner layer is water repellent to keep the moisture away.
  • The inner layer also reduces the heat 3x to keep you going through out the day.

Washing instructions:

For light cleaning, use a damp cloth to clean the inside and outside of the mask. Hand-wash is recommended as it will increase the life of the coating. The mask is machine washable as well.

How to safely remove the used mask from the face?

When removing the mask, make sure you don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Also, wash your hands thoroughly once the mask has been removed.

Does it work only against Virus?

This mask is for daily use. Apart from blocking out harmful airborne particles like virus.


Meltdown Fabric: 2 layers
Activated Charcoal: 1 layer
Spunbond Fabric: 2 layers


Each pack has 5 PM2.5 filters.

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