Men's Gym Shorts Designed for Squatting.

October 16, 2019 1 min read

Men's Gym Shorts over the past decade have evolved. It seemed wearing Short Shorts was feminine and rather unappealing for the regular gym-goer.

However, with bodybuilding and self-care shifting into an influential movement, Gym Shorts have become shorter, tighter, and 'flexed' by recreational lifters.

With the evolution of Shorter, more Fitted Gym Shorts, the notion of whether these flattering gym bottoms remain 'Squat Proof' or not.

We've collected our best Men's Squat Shorts below for you.

Adonis 'ENVY' Shorts

Adonis Gear shorts navy

Envy Shorts go down as Adonis's Iconic Gym Shorts. They are arguably one of the OG designs to pioneer Short Gym Shorts into the mainstream. 

Envy shorts are very form-fitting, leaving no space between your quads and the material.

Three End Lifting Shorts

Three End Squat Shorts

Opposite to the Envy Shorts, Three End's lifting shorts provide a little more breathability and 'leg room' for your squats.

Muscle Nation Flexible

Muscle Nation's Flexible training shorts are versatile. Offering light, quick-dry material with zip pockets, perfect for all movements (not just squats).

Muscle Nation Squat Shorts 

Then Muscle Nation designed a pair of shorts exclusively designed for Squats, by Squatters.

Squatwolf Training Shorts

As the brand name suggests, SQUATWOLF is committed to the importance of durability for squatting. They instead provide traditional length shorts that are squat proof... not everyone wants to show all their legs ;)

Above are just a select few designs and colours from our massive selection of Men's Gym Shorts.

Browse through all our Men's Squat Shorts from the top independent gym clothing brands below, in your preferred style:

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