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Unless you’re a professional health guru or an Instagram fitness influencer, chances are you usually rush in the mornings before work or in the evenings after work, to fit time for a gym workout. When this happens, we tend to pay less attention to what we’re wearing and just grab whatever is necessary for a comfortable workout. Let’s be honest, the gym is not usually a place where you need to dress your best, seeing as though you’ll surely end up in a sweat at the end of the session. However, looking good in your gym wear not only makes you feel amazing inside and out but wearing the proper gym attire will help you get the most out of your exercise routines. 

No matter the type of exercise you’re into, whether it’s endurance training, strength training, cross fit, biking, pole fitness, yoga or muay thai, you need the right gear to help you achieve the best of your capabilities. And if you’re going to invest in good gym wear, you want it to perform its best and provide you with great comfort at the same time. Say “NO” to chafing thighs, loose leggings or aching boobs and read on to find out what to wear to the gym for a great workout.

T-Shirts & Tops

It’s easy to just grab a t-shirt or top that you already have in your wardrobe that’s fitting enough to wear to the gym, and most of us probably do that on the regular. The type of gym clothes you wear should allow you to feel comfortable but also dry. Wearing 100% cotton clothes might not do you any favours, as it absorbs so much sweat that you end up feeling like you’re wearing a wet towel by the end of your session. Invest in brands that have moisture wicking material options and believe us when we say, you won’t regret it. Often think of how fitness experts look good even when drenched in sweat? That’s the secret they’ve been hiding from us! 

Ryderwear Duty T-Shirt - Graphite


Don’t be that one person at the gym who wears shorts that are too small or too short, and shows off too much upper thigh! Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one wants to see that! While it’s important to feel comfortable in your work out clothes, you also need to remember that you’ll probably be spending time moving around, bending or stretching and wearing well fitted shorts is important to keep all our bits in one place. 

Squat Wolf - Wolf Shorts - Navy

Cycling Shorts

If cycling is your thing, then you probably already know how amazing cycling shorts are! But if you’re new to this activity, here are a few reasons why you should invest in them. The comfort you will get from wearing cycling shorts will make a huge difference to your session and getting a pair will change your life. The materials in which they are made are quick-drying and provide great levels of stretch and compression. Look into the Ryderwear Neonude Scrunch Bum Bike Shorts, a great option made from sweat wicking and squat proof fabric, perfect for first time riders.

Ryderwear Neonude Scrunch Bum Bike Shorts

Compression Tights

Compression tights are amazing additions to think about when shopping for active wear. Wear them as they are, or if you prefer, under shorts, to help make these winter morning workouts more bearable. There are also so many benefits of wearing compression leggings such as better muscle oxygenation and improved recovery after a hard workout. Remember that compression gear is meant to be worn tight so choose a well-fitted one to get the most out of it. 

Adonis Gear Combat 7/8 Training Tights - Black

Sports Bras

Sports bras have to be the most important piece of active wear in a women’s gym wardrobe. Forget wearing regular bras to the gym! They will give you no support at all and you’ll end up with painful shoulder and upper back pain after your gym session. Sports bras are a great alternative and now come in a variety of designs and sizes. When choosing the perfect sports bra, make sure that they are well fitting and allow you to breathe comfortably. Jumping up and down when trying them on is a great way to find out whether they provide adequate support. Jymlocker’s collection of sports bras will give you the comfort you deserve and leave you looking amazing at the same time. 

 Ryderwear Freestyle Longline Seamless Sports Bra - Red



If there’s one thing you need to get right for your workout session, it’s the choice of your gym shoes Worn-out sneakers are a big no-no because they won’t give you the support that you will need in terms of shock absorption and cushioning. So chuck that old pair of runners away and opt for a pair that suits your exercise routine. Unless you’re into long distance running, pick sneakers that are versatile enough to fit for a range of different gym workouts. 

ryder wear block edition rw m007 shoe red black


Sport socks are essential accessories to your gym wear outfit and are often overlooked and underrated. We probably don’t have to remind you that wearing dress socks with gym shoes shouldn’t be done, but just in case, don’t do it! Choose socks that will allow your feet to breathe and feel comfortable while you work out. You don’t have to stick to boring white old-school socks anymore if that’s not your thing but instead, pick a colourful pair that proudly shows off your favourite basketball team.

Stance Basketball Socks - Warriors Trophy


It might sound strange for us to tell you to invest in hats to wear at the gym but honestly, they can make a world of difference to your workout. Sweatbands might be the way to go, but they are often very uncomfortable and frankly just look horrible most of the time. A hat can do exactly the same thing as a sweatband, diverting sweat away from your face and keeping your hair out of the way as well. Plus, it makes you look more focused, so that’s always a win! You can thank us later! 

Ryderwear Fitted  Cap - Red

That’s our breakdown of the gym essentials to keep you comfortable and on track to smashing your fitness goals. Explore the range of gym wear on offer at Jymlocker to find the ultimate additions to your workout wardrobe! We have a selection of some of the top brands available, including Ryderwear and Do You Even.

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