January 05, 2021 4 min read

You’ve just rocked up for your first fitness class of the New Year. You’re pumped. Your friend raved about it all last year and you’re here to see what all the fuss is about.

As you start warming up you feel your new leggings slipping down. You pull it up but to no avail. The instructor is eyeing everyone as you complete a difficult stretch. Oh, and there it is. The first bits of skin are showing - and just before the shame cripples you - it’s time for a break. 

Well, that was embarrassing. I won’t be showing my face there next week.

It’s the new year. Congratulations on your resolutions

New Year's Resolutions are difficult to get right. After all, they’re only goals we set ourselves to be better - not necessarily tick off like items on a shopping list. Or maybe that’s what they should be? Whatever your approach, one thing is for sure.New year fitness resolutions are hard. Joining a gym is one of the top picks for a new years resolution. It’s easy to sign up these days and there is always a stunning array of joining offers and monthly plans available. 

Come February, what went wrong?

You’re having a coffee with a friend and they ask you: “so how’s the new gym treating you?” And with a sinking feeling, you reply; “It’s ok, I’m still trying to figure out my schedule’. 

There’s no judgement here. But what did go wrong? Sometimes it’s work, sometimes it’s holiday plans that can get in the way of reaching certain goals. Everyone’s life is different, and everyone’s goals are different too. But the tools to reach them are actually pretty simple. Here are 4 tips for smashing your fitness goals this year. 

1. Decide on your goal. What does it look like?

It may be that you’re trying to get more active, get out of the house more often, or looking for ways to increase your mobility and movement on busy weekdays. Whatever the goal, decide on at least one aspect of it. This could be seeing real improvements in muscle toning, increasing your time on the treadmill, or simply beat your previous time on a 5k. Be really honest with yourself about what the goal is. If you’re not clear on what it is - then trying to reach it will be like searching for a needle in a haystack. 

2. Develop a plan

It sounds almost bureaucratic, but drawing up a plan, even if it’s rough, is your secret weapon against your laziness. With a plan, you can easily see what’s next, and what you’ll need to focus on. Make it easy to follow and don’t write up something you won’t read or won’t understand tomorrow. Add key milestones into your phone calendar. Plugin key workouts into your reminders, but don’t make it annoying to act on. 

3. Decide on how you’ll measure progress

This is where most people fall down. Without the right tools to measure progress, the harder it will be to follow along with your fitness journey. One of the main barriers to reaching your goal is when we’re slow in ‘seeing’ results. But actually getting results will depend on how you look at them. When we start we always have high hopes - but after a few months of little visible change, sometimes we lose faith in our process and subconsciously give up on our goal. That’s where measuring comes in. Whether it’s weight, time, or number of reps, choose your measurement and stick to it. 

4. Track progress

The biggest favour you can do yourself as you begin working towards your New Year fitness resolutions is getting yourself a notebook or diary. But actually  use it. If you’re fully digital - get yourself an app, but find one that’s easy to use and follow along. Don’t ever rely too heavily on one particular app or workout routine to get you motivated. Because one day you’ll be on vacation and the gym at the hotel will look completely different, oh, and your phone is sitting in a bowl of rice. It’s good to be flexible - even with your process. 

How flexible is too lazy?

When assessing one’s own goals against your expectations- it always helps to cut yourself some slack. But how much? Chances are you already know the answer to that. Whether you’ll act on it when it comes to getting yourself to the gym, will determine how quickly you’ll achieve your goal. If you think you’re behind on your goal for the week, don’t overdo it just to reach that number - there’s a reward for being patient with yourself. It’s called having good mental health. 

Get the right gym clothes. Seriously. It helps. 

Without the right tools for the job, you’re going to find it hard to reach your goal. Having the right gym clothing is probably one of the more underrated new year’s resolution hacks - but it totally makes a difference. Whether it’s the right shoes for the track or the perfect headphones for your HIIT workout, get it right from the start. 

fkn conquer classic gym singlet black

Remember that story at the start? Part of achieving your New Year’s fitness resolutions is giving yourself the right tools along the way to get there. Sort out your gym wear problem before rocking up to the first class. Give yourself every chance you can and get some FKN Gym Wear. It’s an investment - in you. 

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Be strong with the follow-through 

With the right gym clothes and equipment, it comes down to putting in the hard work that’ll get you there in the end. But hard work can be made easier with the right help along the way. For quality gear that will help you achieve your fitness goal this year, head to your one-stop shop for gym apparel in Australia and order online today.

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