September 30, 2019 2 min read

In the early 2000's global powerhouse brands like Nike, Adidas & Fila dominated the world in sportswear. However, below you can see Australia's demand for sportswear steadily decreasing year on year, eventually caught by the demand for 'activewear'.

Brands Screenshot

The massive spike was in September 2015, when SkitBox decided to make a video poking fun at Australia's obsession with Activewear. This video propelled activewear into the masses. 

All-though sportswear was dominating Australia, and is in fact perfect 'activewear', household name brands didn't position their sportswear for the everyday 'gym goer', or target active lifestyle trends.

Brands like Lorna Jane and Lulu Lemon took advantage by specialising in the female activewear movement, promoting self love, empowerment and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

However, this left room in the apparel & accessories market for smaller / independent gym clothing brands to bridge the gap by designing tailored 'gym wear' to a booming bodybuilding & fitness movement.

Below you can clearly see gym wear overtake popularity in late 2014, whilst sportswear was consistently deceasing YoY.

Gym Wear Brands Screenshot

Brands like Gym Shark, Ryderwear, Muscle Nation, Do You Even & Adonis Gear facilitated the shift in demand, targeting a niche 'gym culture' with clothing & accessories made for entering, leaving and training in the gym.

For Men, key designs were:

squat warrior lift stringer yellow

adonis gear pursuit tank camo

squat wolf warrior sleeveless hoodie pearl white

lifting shorts black maroon

For Women, most popular became:

squat wolf mesh sports bra white


Due of the correlation between working out and your appearance, garments were crafted with fashion at the forefront, designed to flatter your 'gains' made in the gym, with the look good - feel good ideology.

This combination of fashion & fitness ultimately had gym wear separate itself from sportswear, and now fully embraced outside the gym, dipping into lifestyle & even street wear. Leggings are now socially acceptable as 'pants'.

As a result, we launched Jymlocker in March 2014 (right on time), becoming the First exclusive gym apparel & accessory retailer, allowing people to shop over 50 independent gym clothing brands, all in one place.

Over 5 years later, Jymlocker is now home to gym wear, dropping new collections Every. Single. Week. 

Gym Wear Lives Here.

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