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Based in the UK, Gymshark broke the internet being the first activewear brand to collaborate with high profile social media influencers, slingshotting their apparel world-wide in a very short period. It pays to be first, and in Gym Sharks case, this couldn't be more accurate.

However, brands like gym shark were starting to grow rapidly in Australia by following a similar course, partnering with global fitness icons. These brands now becoming well established - Ryderwear, Muscle NationECHT.

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Ryderwear was founded in Australia 2009, with the ultimate pursuit of "fitness plus fashion."

Their goal was to provide gym apparel to the hardcore bodybuilder, performance compressions wear for 'serious' competitors or just highly fashionable street gym wear.

Ryderwear take pride when they use the slogan 'made for you'. Every item from their frequently released collections is particularly measured to form-fit an athletic physique. 

They use technology which removes moisture from the skin to be tailored for the gym environment, Ryderwear's best example of this is the Ryderwear Seamless Range.



In Muscle Nation


The Muscle Nation journey was borne into existence on the 22nd of August 2016, where stage 1 clothing was launched, much different of the premium gym wear you see today. 

The 2 co-owners have strived to achieve an understood and respected gym brand, not just for the clothing sector but in the health and fitness industry to set themselves apart.

Their devotion and passion for social media has excelled communicate with their market, effectively building a community and tailoring quality gym wear based on social media demand.

Muscle Nation has a 'learn, adapt and evolve' culture. Their pursuit to be first to market relevant and consistent content in the growing fitness community.

Their best example was pioneering Scrunch Bum technology in Australia. 


'Engineered for the Modern Day Athlete' is ECHT’s motto. They invest in the idea of providing in their words 'boundless clothing', that can be used at any time of the day, remaining fashionable and stylish whilst durable and comfortable.

Do You Even (DYE)

Last but not least, DOYOUEVEN, established in 2012 from an internet phrase phenomenon, is a brand that now comprises of a 'never-ending pursuit of physical fitness'. 

Inspiration and motivation are the core concepts of Do You Even's unique performance wear.

Their slogan 'Leave Your Mark' embraces the brand's never-ending chase for excellence. DYE is passionate about consistency in pushing forward regardless roadblocks, ensuring you do whatever it takes to leave your dent in the universe

Do You Even earns a separate graph as a majority of their brand google search early on is a result of meme related activity, which was the backbone of their initial branding. Never the less, it's still extremely relevant and ties into the dominance Do You Even has in Australia today against the global power house, Gym Shark.

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