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WPN. is an Australian premium activewear brand designed specifically for men. Since the brand’s conception in 2014 they’ve been setting the pace for men’s sports fashion both inside and outside the gym; blending quality craftsmanship, razor-sharp urban design and some of the most technically advanced performance materials on the planet into their products. With timeless minimalist design and a relentless pursuit of functionality, WPN. has made transitional activewear their own.

WPN Wear Covert Windbreaker | RRP: $109.95

This has never been more evident than in the WPN. Autumn-Winter 2017 collection. The series takes inspiration from the architectural symmetry, patterns and hues of urban city streets. Featuring clean, sharp silhouettes in a palette of textured greys, deep blues and wintry blacks, AW17 is WPN. at it’s boldest and most modern yet.

WPN Wear City Tech Fleece Hoodie | RRP: $119.95

When it comes to designing new products for WPN., everything is built from the ground up deliberately and in painstaking detail. The textile fabrication of apparel is considered of paramount importance in the AW17 range, pushing design to the limits while still maintaining the trademark WPN. style of streamlined simplicity. Every piece is made for the modern man with the resolute belief that your workout should be an extension of your style, not an exception.

WPN Wear Rival Tech Joggers | RRP: $109.95


Our name is the abbreviation of the word ‘weapon’, a phrase used to describe someone who may be extremely skillful, strong or dominant in their field. Using the abbreviation gives the logo a sense of minimalistic style and mystery behind it’s meaning.

Our icon is designed an abstract representation of two swords clashing. The linear, sharp structure was designed to symbolise strength and performance.
Our mission with the design of our logo was to give a sense of empowerment and motivation to become your own weapon.


WPN is not just another brand, WPN is a culture, a movement.

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VILLIN CREW Fashion Label by Brick City Villin

Villin Crew was established for a crew who refused the norm, we are the disruptive children, the children who were not prepared to leave without making their mark, the children who paved their own beaten path. Villin Crew is more than what you wear, it’s the feeling you get when you walk down the street knowing you’re a part of something much bigger then yourself.

We are a vibration of many, a lifestyle for those who are not prepared to simply just exist.

Where here to break the rules, and leave our mark, we are crew, we are the family we are the ones held together like bricks!

Introducing VILLIN Crew Fashion Label by Brick City Villin.


VILLIN Crew Cult Bomber Jacket | RRP: $189.00


VILLIN Crew Clique Track Top | RRP: $59.95

bcvcamoVILLIN Crew Camo T-Back | RRP: $49.95


VILLIN Crew Hollow Mesh Hoodie | RRP: $59.95


VILLIN Crew Chapter Tee | RRP: $49.95


VILLIN Crew Women’s Cult Bomber Jacket | RRP: $189.00

shadowteeVILLIN Crew Shadow Tee | RRP: $49.95


VILLIN Crew Clique Track Bottoms | RRP: $69.95

bcvtbackVILLIN Crew T-Back | RRP: $49.95


VILLIN Crew Hoodie Dress | RRP: $79.95


VILLIN Crew A-Frame Snap Backs | RRP: $49.95


VILLIN Crew Baby V Tee | RRP: $49.95

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Muscle Nation Rebrand hits Jymlocker!

Muscle Nation is a fitness clothing and accessories brand based in Australia.

In a short period, Muscle Nation has become a well recognised and respected brand, not only in the clothing sector, but in the health and fitness industry. This growth comes from a passion and devotion to use social media for social interactions (communicate with, build our community and produce effective and quality clothing).


Muscle Nation Leggings Collection | 8 Colours & Designs | RRP: $84.95 | Model: Jessica Katsambis

Execution is key. Ideas mean nothing, if they are not implemented. Muscle Nation is very dynamic, live on social media, and love what they do. They learn, adapt and evolve. Muscle Nation’s finger is on the pulse, and you will see their Athletes and Owners executing our daily and weekly segments across all our social media platforms, to ensure they stay relevant and consistent with their community interactions and value adding to your journey.


Muscle Nation Climaflex Tee | 5 Colours | RRP: $49.95 | Model: Zac Smith

We are super excited to be one of the only stockists outside of MN itself to carry the Rebrand of Muscle Nation. With over 70 New items released, there is something for everyone! Check out some of our staff picks below!


Muscle Nation Twist Back Singlet | RRP: $44.95 | Model: Hattie Boydle


Muscle Nation Ghost Seamless Collection | 5 Colours | RRP: $54.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Leggings Collection | 8 Colours & Designs | RRP: $84.95 | Model: Hattie Boydle


Muscle Nation Elephant Print Singlet | 4 Colours | RRP: $49.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Sports Bras | 2 Designs x 5 Colours | RRP: $49.95 | Model: Hattie Boydle


Muscle Nation Unisex Tapered Joggers | 7 Colours | RRP: $79.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Twist Back Singlet | RRP: $44.95 | Model: Hattie Boydle


Muscle Nation Climaflex Tee | 5 Colours | RRP: $49.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Unisex Tapered Joggers | 7 Colours | RRP: $79.95 | Model: Hattie Boydle


Muscle Nation Ghost Seamless T-Shirt | 4 Colours | RRP: $59.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Climaflex Tee | 5 Colours | RRP: $49.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Leggings Collection | 8 Colours & Designs | RRP: $84.95 | Model: Hattie Boydle


Muscle Nation Unisex Tapered Joggers | 7 Colours | RRP: $79.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Climaflex Tee | 5 Colours | RRP: $49.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Unisex Tapered Joggers | 7 Colours | RRP: $79.95 | Model: Zac Smith


Muscle Nation Dad Hats | 6 Colours | RRP: $39.95 | Model: Zac Smith

DYE (Do You Even) Gym Wear Winter Release

Melbourne Based Gym Wear Brand DoYouEven (DYE) hits Summer 2017 hard! Staying with the plain colour ways trend launching super clean beige, tan, olive and khaki designs that are not only striking but incredibly stylish. This release has something for everybody from Men’s ProMesh Bomber Jackets to Women’s Side Mesh Leggings. Check out our staff picks below!


DYE Grey Marl Side Mesh Leggings | RRP: $79.95


DYE Grey Olive Side Mesh Leggings | RRP: $79.95


DYE CompFit Supernova Leggings | RRP: $79.95


DYE Jungle Dusk Leggings | RRP: $79.95


DYE Pro Mesh Bomber Jacket | RRP: $59.95


DYE Men’s Dynasty Pants | RRP: $79.95


DYE Supernova Reflective Leggings | RRP: $79.95


DYE Beige Trucker Cap x Olive Mesh Panel Leggings | RRP: (Cap) $29.95 | (Leggings) $79.95


DYE Olive Trucker Cap x ProMesh Bomber Jacket x Supernova CompFit Leggings


DYE Universal Olive Gym Shorts | RRP: $54.95


DYE Primal Gym Stringer | RRP: $34.95


DYE 50 Shades of Grey Snap Back w/ Drawstring Bag | RRP: $39.95


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Ryderwear Release ‘GT’ Raptor DMAK Lifting Shoes!

After changing the game with the Original Ryderwear Raptors, then following up with the D-Mak, Denims, Leopard and G-Force Series – we introduce to you their latest release: the ‘GT’ D-Mak Raptor Lifting Shoe! The GT boasts the same sleek silhouette design with the inside panel displaying a big and bold Ryderwear logo! The GT features include a Plush Padded Tongue, Flat Rubber Sole to enable correct flat foot lifting technique, lightweight and breathable fabrics for comfort, durability and breathability in and outside the gym! The high ankle collar provides maximum ankle support whilst lifting without rubbing or creating unwanted friction when in motion.

The GT Series Release so far includes two new colourways “Stone” and “Granite” although fans will notice the Stone Packaging shows “BONE” as the colourway on the box.



Check out some our staff picks in the remaining Ryderwear Raptor Range below!


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ECHT Apparel: ‘ICON’ Series Drops

ECHT Apparel have been on a tear lately, determined to close out 2016 with a bang. We are pleased to announce that the streak continues with the Brand New Release of ECHT Apparel’s ‘ICON’ Series. The Latest Release Series features both short and mid length gym shorts, dry tech tees, and a new design dry tech pocket tank. Check out the entire release below!


ECHT Apparel Icon Pocket Muscle Tanks | 2 Colours | RRP: $34.95 | Model: John Peter Pipicella


ECHT Apparel Icon ‘Repel’ Shorts |2 Colours | RRP: $34.95 | Model: John Peter Pipicella


ECHT Apparel Icon Dry T-Shirt | 2 Colours | RRP: $39.95 | Model: John Peter Pipicella


ECHT Apparel Icon Knit Shorts | 2 Colours | RRP: $44.95 | Model: John Peter Pipicella


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LIVE FIT APPAREL. Premium Athlete Jacket 2.0

LIVE FIT APPAREL. Based out of Long Beach, California have built a rep amongst it’s 500,000+ Social Media followers for dropping super limited releases and Iconic pieces such as the Live Fit Athlete Jacket once a year near christmas. 2016 is now different! Cue the LVFT Premium Athlete Jacket 2.0

Premium Athlete Jacket 2.0. lightweight zip up hoodie.  A premium feel and fit, this jacket was designed with precise attention to detail is functional year round.

  •  USA flag patch on right arm
  • Reflective LVFT. logo on left chest
  • Reflective artwork on lower back
  • Halftone detail material
  • Water repellent
  • LVFT. logo on tassels
  • Hoodie drawstrings
  • Sleeveless zipper pocket



Exclusive to Jymlocker.com – the Live Fit Athelte Jacket 2.0 is available in only 25 units across 5 sizes. Once sold out this product will be discontinued until the end of 2017 3.0 Release. Cop yours here <—


ECHT Apparel Ladies Leggings First Look!

ECHT Apparel known for simple, custom aesthetic cuts and minimalistic designs have stay trued to these roots and introduced the very first women’s legging line.

The Force Dry Leggings are high waisted and highly flexible exercise leggings. ECHT’s Signature Force sweat wicking application is implemented into the leggings to allow a cool, comfortable workout.


The Dry Force Leggings are currently available in 3 colours: Berry, Stealth and Navy.


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ECHT Apparel Drops Premium Line

From the heart of Melbourne comes ECHT Apparel. Echt – pronounced eḵt – Defined as true and genuine is an urban sportswear label with roots across athletics, bodybuilding and street fashion. In the 2016, ECHT upped their game and introduced a new premium line. ECHT did NOT disappoint! Introducing lines like the “Impetus” Knit Shirts and Shorts, Blaze Tanks, Dry Force Material Frost Tees, Singlets and many more ECHT is a brand making big waves in the industry!

Check out some of our Jymlocker Staff Picks below!


ECHT Impetus Knit Shorts (Cloud White) | $44.95


ECHT Impetus Knit Shorts (Obsidian) | $44.95


ECHT Granite Joggers | $49.95


ECHT Blaze Knit Stripe Tank | $34.95


ECHT MMXVI Muscle Tank | $34.95


ECHT Granite Knit Shorts | $36.95


ECHT Blaze Knit Stripe Shirt | $34.95


ECHT Dry Force T-Shirt (Frost) | $34.95


ECHT Reckless Muscle Tank | $29.95


ECHT Dry Force Tank (Khaki) | $34.95


ECHT Flex Knit Pullover Hoodie | $59.95

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Gold Coast Home Grown Liftwear Brand: Brickcity Villin has come out swinging in the business end of 2016! This new looks packs a premium punch! Villin finding the sweet spot between style and sexiness incorporating urban feels with gym wear functionality and overall mass appeal! The range brings a diversity of Mens Cut Off Tanks, Tees, Stringer, Hoodies, Pants and Hats where the Women’s range brings a mix of Cropped Hoodie Zip Ups, 2 Piece Camo Exclusives, PLAY Sets, Crop Tees and much more! Check out the full collection below!




Brickcity Villin 2.0 PLAY Set (Booty Shorts + Crop) – $69.95 | Model: Rosanna Arkle


Brickcity Villin Camo 2 Piece Hoodie Set | $109.95 | Model: Rosanna Arkle


Brickcity Villin FEMME Fatal Premium Cropped Jacket | $129.95 | Model: Rosanna Arkle


Brick City Villin Base Two Crops | $29.95 | Model: Nevena Tepic


Brickcity Villin Baby V Tee | $39.95 | Model: Rosanna Arkle


Brickcity Villin Missy V Trackies | $79.95


Brickcity Villin Femme Fatal G Underwear | $24.95 | Model: Rosanna Arkle


Brick City Villin Mesh Crop | $49.95 | Model: Rosanna Arkle


Brickcity Villin TWO ZERO VILLIN Khaki Tee | $49.95 | Model: Johann Ofner


Brick City Villin VL Cut Off Tank | $49.95 | Model: Johann Ofner


Brick City Villin Two.Zero Basketball Jersey| $69.95 | Model: Johann Ofner


Brick City Villin Supreme Two Tone Hoodie | $79.95 | Model: Troy Thompson


Brickcity Villin VL Stringer x ZERO LV Snap Back | $49.95 | Model: Troy Thompson x Johann Ofner


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